Gold Coins Cheats Sheep Happens for iPhone

In sheep happens game, you will have to gain high score to earn coins cash along the track
Here, you can intentionally do a sabotaging of your own run immediately after breaking your high score so that it will be easier to get a new high score far more often.

sheep happens guides

After setting the new distance record, go to the coins store, and the first free coins will be a trophy with the coins that you have built up from various record runs.

In this game, you will take a role as Perseus who is looking for an advantage in the 200 meter dash in the Olympic stadium in Greece
Meanwhile, the ancient arena is filled with various events revolving around sheep in that it will also cause the sheep to explode throughout the arena.

Thus all you have to do is merely to run as far as you can and collect as many coins as you can, while jumping on people, riding sheep, and even riding bulls.

The sheep of the game will give you a benefit as you can ride sheep, or trip over them.
And the explosion of sheep can clutter the screen to make it tough to keep track of obstacles, but the flying sheep can also knock down other obstacles on the track.
In doing this action, you can even compare times with your friends on Facebook and Game Center.

In order to get easy combos, you can use the weightlifters and the tug-of-war competitors.
Afterward, just jump on the weightlifter’s left sheep cluster, then the right sheep cluster while using your momentum to jump on one of the many sheep that fly loose.

For the tug-of-war competitors, you will have to jump on the line of sheep that they are pulling, then bounce off and jump onto the sheep that fly off there.

Once getting enough coins from the arena, you will have to upgrade to the gliding abilities of your cape, as you will lose early the glides that do not last long enough.
By doing so, it will easily drop the glide and place yourself in a safe location as well.

Furthermore, if you are coming up on any obstacle besides a hurdle like a runner or a statue or a sheep, you can jump immediately before you hit it while getting credit for jumping on it instead of running into it so that you will not lose your cape, shield, or die when hitting them.
So do this with a sheep to jump right on it then leap over opponent runners, hurdles, and the various sheep to keep your run going.

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