Gears Coins Cheats Sidekick Cycle for iPhone

In sidekick cycle game, you will early on pick an animal sidekick will help you get out of each run and offer coins doubler as well.
Then, you need to collect coins, you can drop a dollar on Cash Koala, whereby he will double the amount of you pick up in each track.

sidekick cycle tips

Rocky Rhino will do in favor of getting through rocks and logging without jumping over them
Magno Monkey will help you attract hard-to-reach coins
And Cherub Cheetah helps you recover from a crash during the play.
So selecting Magno Monkey and Cash Koala will really clean up coins for each stage.

More challenges will give you rewards in which you will test your skill on your own like performing jumps and backflips in every stage.
Moreover, you will get the most from jumps coming off ramps or mountain ridges, so that you will see coins and gears lined up in the air to collect.

Doing backflips will bring you on the air first then use these maneuvers to make it happen.
However, you have to do it in the right position as you will hit the ground headfirst if you make any mistake when doing that action.

Boosting will be necessary needed to complete courses in the fastest time possible.
The first boost involves collecting three or more coins in a row, which are usually strewn together over objects and ramps.
And the second boost is done by successfully completing backflips.
Thus, chain the two methods together to create a non-stop boost for several seconds.

Upgrading your bike will need your consideration that is based more on looks than performance.
Some of the later bikes, such as Bone Crusher X and the Penny Farthing will give you a bit more speed.

For such reasons, just save your coins collection for what you really need, such as selecting animal sidekicks, before investing in a new bicycle.
On the other side, customizing your character will be fun with some costumes that you can wear in some tracks throughout the race.

In accordance with that line, Red Rock course will always open up immediately
Besides, Savanna and Desert will be unlocked as you earn Crowns in the game by collecting all the coins and gears, and finishing all challenges in the proper time.

As making some progresses throughout the game, you will unlock more new bikes so that you can do cycling in African Challenge Series while performing more stunts and collecting some coins cash.

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