Gems Coins Cheats Siegecraft TD for iPhone

In siegecraft td game, you must build your best tower to protect your territory as some lizard hordes will get to your castle with the sole intention to destroy your kingdom
Therefore, you must build defensive towers with unique strengths and weaknesses in order to beat the enemy forces and protect your kingdom.

siegecraft td tips

Enemies will start off at a slow and slowly build up over a dozen waves so you will have to build up your arsenal of your defense style by placing down shooting buildings all over your nice, clean lawns to stop the baddies in their tracks.
This game allows you to build towers and walls everywhere as long as you don’t completely block the lizards from reaching your castle.

Your main goal is to defend your castle against the lizard swarms by building towers and walls in that you must make sure you position them correctly to maximize your defense.

Try to build walls around your towers in order to create a maze that can force the lizard waves to take circuitous routes to your castle and give your towers more time to kill them.

Remember any lizard that makes its way to your castle will remove one of your lives.
Therefore if you lose all your lives, you will start and complete the level again.

Once winning the battle, you will gain experience at the end of each level then as long as you level up new tower types with different abilities will be unlocked as well.
Besides, with an acceleration option to speed up the level progress, you can triple the speed of killing enemies and earning coins for tower upgrades.

By positioning your towers in a clever pattern, you will be able to force the enemy to run around a fixed path and scoot past as many offensive towers as possible, dealing lots of damage to stop them before they get to your castle.

For such reasons, you will need to drag the towers you select then drop them in places you want around your area of your castle.
Because of doing so, the weapons on the towers will attack enemies automatically, which does away with the finger twister of manually controlling siege weapons like the crossbow and catapult in a default way.

Besides from the single-player campaign, you will be allowed to play in multiplayer mode, where you can involve in epic battles against other players for dominance over the 7 provinces via a top-down view.

So just try to fight your way through waves of increasingly strong lizards and ultimately conquer your opponent’s province to expand your territory.
When having in the battle, try not to let enemies get to the castle, as you will lose when they come in massive amount.

After getting the hard battle, you unlock towers slowly but surely throughout play so that you can learn the ropes without being bombarded by tough enemies from the very beginning.
Meanwhile, a nifty leveling system will give you a kind of new power to do some of hard duties in this game.

To get better view, you will be allowed to shift the camera around and get a real feel for the battlefield.
In addition, this will be particularly useful on later levels where the environment can hide certain parts of the playing field.

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