Silver Copper Cheats for Lords and Knights Medieval Strategy iPhone

In lords and knights medieval strategy game, you are tasked to build, upgrade, join alliances, invade castles and raid supplies then to defend your castle against attacks from other players.

lords and knights medieval strategy guides

Here, silver and copper are the main currencies that you can get by winning every battle
To conquer another castle, you must destroy all of their troops in battle then you can send 1,000 silver over when you do battle.
This is a great way that alliances are good for pooling silver then capturing castles and taking them over.

Try getting 1,000 silver then send it over when attacking and defeating other kings
By applying this strategy you can take over castles and get second, third, fourth castles.
In addition abandoned castles will be excellent as takeover targets.

Always do some upgrades for your keep to improve the exchange rates for silver and copper as those can be very expensive with a base level keep

However you can cut the prices in half or even better depending on how often you upgrade the keep.
After getting it upgraded you can load up on the copper and the silver to go on more spy missions and take over more castles for having more supply again.

In the beginning you will have a new player protection that protects you from your castle getting attacked and raided by other players.

So use this moment wisely while upgrading your lumberjack, farm, quarry and ore mine as high as you can in that period of time, as well as your wood store, your stone store, and your ore store.

By doing so you will have more resources including food, stone, ore and wood overflowing your coffers
Therefore you can go to the arsenal and start training new units in the recruitment list.

Complete a research at the library in order to unlock new troops and higher upgrades to your farm such as a research of Longbow to unlock the Archer as your long range weapon

Afterward go to fortifications and start upgrading that in which every upgrade you do to the fortifications will make your troops more powerful among others.

After getting your troops powered up, you can go and attack other castles to raid them for having more supplies.

Simply hit the “spy” button to see what kind of defenses which they have to match up against yours
When attacking a “Free Castle” in early you will have no need to hit “Spy” then just attack and watch the supplies roll in to collect

You can search for a castle that is abandoned by some players so that you will be having and securing large amounts of resources for free from it.
Note that the castle will last until it has been completely decimated

For such reason you can attack it every so often to raid resources and give it some moments to regenerate the goods
While doing that action you can attack other abandoned castles and repeat it every so often.

Join an alliance, or form your own alliance and convince other kings to join it.
After doing so you can your alliances to execute battle strategies, such as mass invasions of other castles then share the goods as agreed upon by the alliance.

However you have to learn of how an alliance is governed before joining it
You can choose either in democracies or dictatorships alliances.

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