Silver Ingot Gear Cheats in Warriors of Odin iPhone

In warriors of odin game, you must try to get your victory in the battle to earn more silver ingot which is as the main currency in this game

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To get your victory in the battle, you have to build up the strongest Guild as quickly as possible then either join one or recruit members to your guild.
By doing so you can win each battle with your party member

Once getting gear through the battle, you can fuse it early to become more powerful one.
When battling against enemies, you can chat with your team members through the in-game forums to plan good strategic maneuvering during the battle.

Make your character ready by training him in the ranks of Dual Wielder, Dark Knight, or Dragon Lancer and others with 20 kinds of Job classes, each with multiple unique Avatar Art.

Afterward you can participate in the new real time battles with your friends and forge a new legend together
So help the knights of Odin win the decisive battle of Ragnarok

You will have adventure across the mythical world of Norse legend as you train an Avatar to become the greatest Warrior in this game

Whilst having through your adventure, you will encounter enemies and involve in the battle to gather gear and equipment

Furthermore to make your journey smooth, you have to team up with your friends, and battle your way to the top, as you prepare for Ragnarok

In addition you can choose and equip over 1,000 types of Gear to raise your Warrior Avatar and learn Super Rare skilled Jobs in diverse Skill Tree with exciting swordplay, sorcery, and more while collecting free Gear as the daily giveaways

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