Sonic Sword Cheats Sine Mora for iPhone

Sine Mora is a side-scrolling shooter, you will take a control your airplane to evade the enemy bullets and shoot your way through endless hordes of enemy planes while navigating through the perilous environment.

sine mora tips

In sine mora game, you play as a pilot then fly your plane while shooting incoming enemies
When being in the mission, you can increase time to the counter by shooting down enemies, collecting time power-ups, or reaching the next checkpoint where the timer will be reset and you will also stable your time mass.

In the way of your flight journey, you must focus on annihilation of various enemy units before your given time drains out.
By taking part in playing in those game modes, you will be able to strike a balance between challenge and accessibility for players at different levels namely, normally, challenging, hard, and insane level.

In the story mode, you have plenty of time and will be allowed to continue or restart the game from any previously unlocked stage so that you can play through the story stage by stage, and unlock new characters, planes, and capsules.

In the action-focused arcade mode, you will have a full access to choose your pilot, capsule, and airplane with unique sub-weapon when facing off more aggressive enemy planes with shorter time.

Meanwhile, there are two special modes for different purposes in which you can replay any unlocked stage for a short play in the score attack mode, and hone your duel skills with any encountered boss in the boss training mode.

When playing in the story mode, you will be offered to choose the multiple characters and their unique abilities as your main squad to fight against enemies on the air.

Because of doing so, you are able to take numerous hits and still make their way to the end without too much trouble, then to approach the final stages significantly for raising your victory.

Just make sure to use the time only in necessary moment as your slow time ability is limited.
When getting a Game Over in Story mode, you simply start at least a level before you died so you can build up the weapons on your ship for the next action once again.

Try to pick the ship that fits you best from the combinations available when playing in arcade mode as it is a key to collect a high score in this game.

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