How to Get More Medals Gold Stars in Sky Boom Boom iPhone

In sky boom boom game, you play as a super pilot of the Buzz Tech Team, controlling a variety of airplanes, helicopters, airships and other random forms of flying machines while dodging missiles, pirates, planes, and sky high cliffs.

sky boom boom tips

When being on the air, you will get accompany that is The Pirate Crew in which they will do anything to stop you.
With your airships, power-ups, and weapons, you will face off against evildoers in giant airships, other airplanes, and floating missiles and bombs, while gathering stars and gold medals and power-ups such as nitro or fever time to charge past the competition.

Before performing your flight, tap the Missions tab to see what newest missions will be offered for you.
Then complete as many of them per run as you can, because once you complete the first available one, you will unlock the next one, and so forth.

If you get the missions prompting you to shoot down a number of enemies, just wait until the airship appears and starts bombarding you with enemies, then shoot multiples down at the same time with every shot that you take.

In the way of getting the highest score, sometimes you should forget about trying to collect all of the stars on the screen, and merely focus on hitting the speed boosts and avoiding obstacles in each stage.

Meanwhile, you also must ignore the silver and gold stars when you do this as they are worth one star for silver and two stars for gold apiece.
Moreover, if you want to get ten stars apiece, you have to collect the rainbow stars first.

In order to get free medals, all you have to do is to log into Facebook and then tap on the “Free medals” link and the Tapjoy page will open up.
Afterward, simply click on this every so often so that a video will begin playing when you tap it

At this point, just watch it till the end of the video as you will earn free medals, which you can use toward earning more, and rarer, pilots and aircraft.

Once having medals, you will have to upgrade your airplanes and your pilots as you go, as buying new planes and recruiting new pilots are expensive
Thus, doing some upgrades are cheap and are a good way to continue increasing your abilities.

Every time you make a run you will often meet enemies getting in the way, boss battles of sorts involving a flurry of missiles, in which you need to get and upgrade pilots with unique attributes.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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