How to Get Coins Boosts in Sky Cars Racing iPhone

Sky Cars Racing is a new physics-based puzzler racing game will give you a challenge beat my maximum distance where you drive your car through amazing wire tracks and avoid hilarious obstacles in which your car should not touch cutter, pusher or cross the red signal.

sky car racing tips

So just drive carefully during on the track and activate the booster to avoid Cutter, Signals while avoiding to hit the Airplane, asteroid in second and third level of gameplay

Throughout the game, the battery is the main point that keeps your car being on
For such reasons, be sure to use the battery wisely either by accelerating or braking as little as possible during on the race.

At this point, you must try to balance the speed by slowly tapping the pedals instead of keeping them pressed so that it will let the car roll without hitting the gas pedal.

After making some progresses through some races, you will easily learn to go through the level almost without a break when racing on each track.
Every obstacle in this game has a pattern in which you merely prepare to crash and burn while learning each of the obstacles whereby the cutting wheel always rolls in the same direction and you can simply wait for it to pass them.

Taking part in some races will give you a chance of collecting coins as these coins can be used to unlock 8 super fast and amazing cars
therefore, try to win the races and you can purchase new cars with those hard earned coins whereby new cars are a lot better and will get you climb on top farther.

Holding on to the keys at the start of the race will sometimes help you rev up your car at the right time
In line with this, just wait to get at least the first upgrade then start to spend the keys you already have along the game.
Remember that use those key wisely as this will be your trick to get really far during the race.

On the other side, car invincibility will really give you flexibility to race without being seen
According to this, tapping the car icon in the upper left corner will give you an advantage to make your car invincible temporarily.

In addition, you have to simply use these precious items only when you really need like overcoming an obstacle that you can not get through, or using them to a quick series of obstacles which you can easily go through in one time.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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