How to Do Sky Jump Attack in Krashlander on iPhone

In krashlander game, you must learn the very basics of adjusting your posture
Then, you can react to upcoming changes in the landscape rather than anticipating them.


You can make very light adjustments to your posture in order to align your rider with the terrain ahead.
Note that the postures will not be an all-or-nothing proposition in which you can very gently move the stick towards a new position, so that you will be only very slightly changing the posture of the rider.
Just do some experiments with very gentle gestures during playing the game.

You will need to adjust to the idea that you are not controlling your skis unless you are controlling the posture of the rider.
The key is to master navigating the landscape of each level, rather than how you are going to perfectly nail three stars by taking the robots out in one clean swoop

Try to learn how much strength you need to put into each posture to make a clean ride through the level and to reach the right landing spot.
Try to build up speed for a big jump ahead, try crouching down to minimize air resistance then get a good run-up.

You have to try leaning back as you approach the tunnel when your rider is banging his head on the scenery.

Simply choose the least possible posture change that will get you through cleanly in order for getting ready to readjust to the next challenge without messing up your balance.

Always consider the signs telling you when to jump as warnings rather than instructions.
Do not try to jump until the very last minute if you get presented with a huge chasm to cross while making sure you have got plenty of speed behind you before doing so.

Try another level if a level is really driving you over the edge, so you will be offered the chance to skip it entirely after a certain number of attempts.

After your skills have improved you can always return to a level you want to take previously
Always do some practices on the easier slopes if you are struggling to make progress including completing a few more challenges.
Get a perfect rating on a level by taking out every robot destroying them all with the best single attempt you got.

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