Stars Cubelets Cheats Sky Tourist for iPhone

In sky tourist game, you must help and guide Petey to travel across some levels in this game
Here, you must lead Petey to get through floating islands and structures designed in this game

sky tourist tips

So make him happy to travel across multi platforms
Meanwhile, you will have to contend with bright red laser beams blocking the path ahead.
When seeing this do not touch those beams as you will get forced to restart the game so just look out for any nearby red buttons attached to the walls.
Moreover, brushing against these will very often switch nearby beams off.

You will need jump through gaps of moving traffic to get to the next section.
So get in position nearby, level off your rope rockets completely then swoop Petey through the gap quickly, and as soon as it comes up.

Try to backtrack through a level and get back to an earlier part of the level as there might be a hidden button opening up the path to go further ahead, or you might be able to manipulate an obstacle in any different way.

When trying to adjust the angle of the rope to tether Petey to the rockets, you will have to try to be slow and deliberate with your movements.

Note that if you stretch the rockets too far apart from each other, you will snap the delicate rope holding him up
As a result, it will force you to either start the level again, or return to a checkpoint.

Always keep an eye out for the chunky multicolored cube cluster hidden somewhere on the level while traveling up the screen.
Just pick up this object to open up the exit point then check the access points all around to deduce how to pick it up.

In order to get all three stars on each level, you will meet three criteria to get those stars pick up.
You have to complete the level for the first.

Then try to grab every last cubelet spread around the screen as fast as possible.
Afterward you have to get the hardest star of all in that you need to complete the level without making a single, rope-breaking mistake anyway

Remember if the ship on the right rises higher than the ship on the left, Petey will slide down the cord towards the left and vice-versa.
So you will try to successfully navigate this miniature explorer through stages and to gather cubelets that are haphazardly strewn about the stage as well.

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