Where to Get Keys in SkyCar Racing for iPhone

When playing skycar racing game, you simply tap to boost, accelerate and brake or reverse your car along the track in which you will be assigned to accomplish the goal that is to get to the end of the level without getting knocked out of the sky.

sky car racing tips

On the other words, you simply pick a car, rev the engine, and hit the sky to go for most of the challenge throughout the various levels.
While driving, you just hit the accelerator to go and the break pedal to reverse for some reason while avoiding the descending metal lizard tongue throughout the tracks

When driving your car, the break button can be dangerous, whereby if you hold it too long, it can send the skycar backwards into dangerous obstacles like sledge hammers.

Your skycars absolutely need gas to power the dream pistols pumping inside of their patented ZX Wish Engines in which as you chug down the level the gas meter will go down anyway.
For such reasons, simply run over another canister of gas to have the elf engineers between your wheels refuel your car right away.

In order to finish a level in this game, hitting the accelerator will move your skycar forward along the fun-track-rainbow.
At the same time, you will need to break to avoid whimsical instruments like hammers, robotic lizard heads, and stop signs along the track.

Again, your skycars are much less complicated than normal cars in terms of design as they can be categorized into two stats such as speed and torque.
Speed determine how fast the car will move along the track
And, torque indicates how fast the car can break when it is on the road.

As making progresses through the game, you will collect some coins that can be used to purchase more levels and skycars to provide you the ultimate thrill.
So those hard earned coins and new cars will help you a lot to get farther in this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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