More Bucks Cheats in Skyline Skaters on iPhone

In skyline skaters game, you will play as a skater who can skate across the city rooftops while collecting gold coins and bucks along the game
And, a police helicopter will sometimes watch you and start chasing you, in which you have to run without falling into any gaps, and to collect as a bunch of coins along the way.

skyline skaters tips

Furthermore, all you will have to do is to skate in the long run in order to gather more coins.
Those coins will include silver, bronze and gold. in that silver coins are worth more than bronze coins, and gold coins are worth more than silver coins.

Once collecting those coins, you must also upgrade your skateboard to increase the score multiplier so that you can earn a certain amount of points as well.

In the way of collecting a massive amount of coins, you can start buying longboards as soon as you can in which each longboard will increase your coin bonus.

In addition, collecting all of the letters will be needed to spell a word in order to enter super skate mode so that you can earn a massive amount of coins in this mode.

For such reasons, just go for the gold ones, and the silver ones, then the bronze ones.
Typically the bronze coins comes out first, then they are followed by the silver and the gold coins.

If you want to earn cash for free, all you have to do is to log into Facebook with the game
Moreover, doing so will also provide you a bonus, Mia for free and her specialty is a bonus for grinds that you can use in the game.

Besides, you have to complete the quests in this game that will be your key to level up your skater and also earn you free bucks as a reward.
On the other side, every board in this game has its own specific bonus, and you can earn an extra bonus depending on how much of a specific type of board that you have such as street boards, longboards and freestyle boards

As a result, because of finishing your run, you can choose to share the run and receive 2,500 free coins as a reward.
Every character in this game has their own set of quests in that once you unlock and equip a new character, the missions will start over again.

Therefore, you must upgrade each of your power ups for the ability to use them in the game
Then, upgrade them more to get them appeared more often and to last longer for your run.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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