Gems Cheats Slingshot Braves iPhone

Slingshot Braves is one of the most innovative turn-based battle with a traditional turn based RPG battle system
Here, you can choose between all three weapons at any time

slingshot braves tips

Furthermore, you can have one with a different slingshot mechanism, and other weapons that you will be able to equip later on for the next action
Thus, pick your favorite style of attack, and equip the weapon that you can count on in the battlefield.

For having more actions, you can upgrade your weapons using all of the materials that you pick up along the game.
In line with this, every single equipment is made of a specific type of material.
Therefore, when you upgrade it using the same type of material, you will get a great experience point boost for your heroes.

Moreover, you will get a synergy bonus that will boost your attack and defense, if you can equip two or more items made with the same material.
In order to get maximal boost, you can try to max out an equipment’s level, in which you will then be able to evolve it by using a specific number of certain materials that varies depending on what it is.

On the other side, your equipment will be back down at level 1, so one upgrade can boost the equipment by multiple levels at a time.
Anyway, if you get stuck on any battle, you can go to a previous battle that you have already beaten, and fight again to build up materials and coins.
Afterwards, you can use them to upgrade your weapons and armor in that this is a great way you can get your glory in the battle of this game.

When you get to some events in this game, you have to participate in them, because the events will always be one of the best ways to earn rare new equipment.
Plus, participating in the co-op battles will give you a chance to get great rewards.

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