Ratings Chips Bucks Cheats Smash Bandits for iPhone

When playing smash bandits game, you must try to accomplish the main goal to earn more smash bucks cash and to get new cars
Here, you must smash the cops, including all other cars, and anything that is on the side of the road to make scores.

smash bandits tips

Thus you have to outrun the cops for as long as possible in order to survive in this game.
During the play, you will be on a TV show as you ram cops off the road, cause huge collisions with on-coming traffic, run over various items on the streets, and blast through police barricades in order to get the biggest ratings and the most money that is Smash Bucks that you can use to buy new cars and some power ups for doing upgrades.
And your points are based on the television audience you can attract by causing massive destruction on the road.

In the way of making Smash Bucks, you can complete the popping up missions available in each stage.
After completing one smash mission, another one will open up, that will be followed by three ones being open at one time.

And some of them involve spending Bandit Chips that is the premium currency, in that you will be able to be stealing a cop car after you get smashed, in order to complete missions to earn smash bucks.

Once getting those cash, you can unlock new cars and a number of temporary power-ups to keep you driving along the game.
In the meantime, you can unlock those power ups such as the ram ability, puncture proof tires, and the tank power-ups.

The most important thing is that to unlock the ram power-up, that is an essential component of the game and has to be picked up before every run, with no permanent upgrade option.

The rule of this game is simple if your Wanted Level gets to 5, you will not be allowed to play anymore till the period of time runs out.
Therefore, you have to wait until your wanted level drops to at least 4, then you can play again.

However if you want to play it without waiting time, just set the time of the phone next few hours or you can set it ahead by half an hour per level
In simulation, you can set it 2 and a half hours ahead for every wanted level that you want to drop off the wanted level.

Once getting enough smash bucks, you can upgrade the speed, handling and smash ability for your available cars for the next stunt.
Put the priority on upgrading the smash ability first as this will allow you to earn more smash bucks quickly and allow you to upgrade the speed and handling much more quickly as well.
Once upgrading your smash ability, you can smash new objects on the stage that could not be do before.

During the game, you have a time limit on every stage that you play.
For such reasons, you have to add the time limit that is to break through the barriers that the cops set up on each stage.

And make sure to avoid the “Stingers”, as they will slow you down and do damage to your car.
In addition, you can lead the cops into the stingers in order to eliminate them so that you can get rid of them easily.

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