How to Collect Some Solar Coins in Robot Unicorn Attack 2 iPhone

In robot unicorn attack 2 game, all you will do is to jump through the sky while collecting some coins along the way

robot unicorn attack 2 review

The main goal in this game is to go to the air as far as possible, smash through stars, jump through rainbow rings, collect coins, and participate in the battle between team rainbow and team inferno.

In order to earn coins for free, you can click over to the music menu and select one of them as every music selection will give you bonus coins to have the extra upgrade power and the epic power metal as well.

After making a progress of getting rank 6, you have to customize your unicorn with new manes and tails, new horns bough with your coins then you can apply this customization to even entirely new horses.

This will give your unicorn different look and also increase your running speed, your dashing speed, and will allow you to jump more than one time while in the air before you have to either land or dash.

Furthermore your unicorn can stay in the air for a long time without hitting the ground but if you can time it right, you can go to an unlimited distance.

And you can do this stunt, when you are in mid air with your great jump and dash
After you perform your air jump, dash, then jump again, then dash again, then jump again at the right time so that you can survive in a long term.

After having much actions and progresses, you can compete for Inferno or Rainbow teams and select the best team

Simply go to the Community menu and you can switch for 2,000 coins to have the best team.
Note that you have to select the best team of having the most stars and more daily bonus.

There will be a community goal which grants extra goal stars for players who help and complete a daily goal.
So play this game regularly to level up your unicorn to increase skills and experiences.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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