How to Solve 100 Lights Level 31 to 40 on iPhone

Tips to accomplish 100 lights level 31-40 game
Level 31 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Just swipe on the screen
Swipe in the indicated order: swipe right, down, up, then left.

game 100 Lights

Level 32 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Try to find the correct combination to get the lamp light up.
Just tap the switches in the following order from Red, Green, Red, Red.

Level 33 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Just tap the letters in the order of the colors on the lamp.
Now tap the following letters orderly from R, O, Y, G, B, V

Level 34 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Tap and hold the swirls
Now tap the lamp to get the lights on.

Level 35 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Try to unscrew to have the lamp light up
Now hold your finger on the gray button on the lamp to fully rotate your phone while holding it.
To make it simple just place your phone device on the table and hold the button pressed with one hand then try to spin the phone with the other.

Level 36 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Tap the red monkey head to be put into your inventory
Now drag the sun to the left, until the shadow of the clock is at 8 or VIII.

Level 37 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Try to tap and hold three buttons at the same time
Do that as indicated by the images under the vines that is moon in the bottom left, sun at the top middle and arrow at the bottom right side.

Level 38 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Tap and hold the two red buttons until the mouth opens.
While pressing the buttons, drag the tongue out of the mouth.

Level 39 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Try to drop the red monkey head from your inventory that is above the sack on the pedestal.
While the head is dropping, tap the sack then pick it up.

Level 40 of 100 Lights walkthrough
Take the sack in your inventory and tap the sun.
Now three new pieces will appear
Just put them in the correct steps with the shadow level increasing from the left to the right.

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