How to Solve Electrical Elevator Puzzle in 100 Missions Level 3 iPhone

Steps to solve 100 missions game level 3 on ios android
Try finding a cross hair moving on the screen
Tap that moving cross hair when it is facing the head of the guard and try not to miss it.

game 100 Missions all Level

Zoom in on the soldier to pick up the dart on his neck.
Take piece of paper with code 3555 by tapping his chest.

Just tap the opened door to get inside.
Take the clipboard with some code inside that is on the table.
Take the glass mug that is the large bolt cutter near the chair
Pay attention in the piece of meat from the fridge and a Redbull.

Focus on the fridge and find the side of a piece of paper around it.
Tap it then get the duct tape.

Tap the keyboard on the computer to disable the cameras with the following steps.
Get a code given by the clipboard as we have to do the math calculation with the number of lines on each shape.
Try to multiply 2 with 4 that is equal 8 and do the rest till getting the code: 8694
Type the code: 8694 on the keyboard to disable cameras.

Now disable the power of the electrical fence by following these steps.
Get the clue on the piece of paper gotten from the duct tape.
Start with the power source inside the room then to the other powers sources as well
Try to make the switches facing the next directions that will be top row: right, down, right and bottom row: down, down, left
The line on the electric button have to follow the line on the paper near the fridge that will be right, down, right, down down, left.
So the electric in both boxes will get reacted each other.

Tap the fence with the dog
Use the large blotcutter with the fence
Give the meat to the dog
Enter the opening in the wall by tapping it.

Just tap the small area between the orange and gray boxes in the first screen to get a plank.
Go to the right to get a heavy wooden plank near a box to the right.

Now go all the way to the left and zoom in on the boxes to take the rope.

Climb up the ladder to get a code unlocked
Use the code from the soldier that is 3555 to get clue to move into the first switch 3 times down to 128 and the others all the way down, to the blacked out areas
Remember to use your math skills to see what they were.

Go down then tap the door to the left.
Open the lock by using the dart.
Take also an axe from the room, a small anchor and a third plank.

Get back to the main area then tap the power source to the left.
Find and tap the electricity sign on it then use the duct tape on the wires.

Just combine the three wooden planks with the following steps
first, combine two, then add the third then drag the anchor to the rope.

Move all the way to the right
Use the anchor and rope on the boat.
Hop in to take a small key.

After climbing the ladder try to do the maths calculation to find the numbers on the code
Sum them all up to get the code 1015.
Use that code on the power panel near the elevator.

Enter the elevator
Try to use the key on the hole in the middle and complete the puzzle that is to get the orange piece all the way to the right.

Take the following steps to get the puzzle solved
Drag the vertical piece to the right going the way down.
Drag the 3 circles piece to go up.
Drag the two horizontal pieces to the left that is on the bottom then drag the other piece blocking the exit to go all the way down.
Drag up again the two vertical pieces to the left then drag 2 horizontal pieces on the bottom to go all the way to the left.
Drag down the other vertical piece blocking the exit.
Drag the bottom piece to the right and the vertical piece with 3 circles down.
Drag the piece with 2 circles to the right and the final piece blocking the exit to go all the way down.
Now try to move the orange piece to the exit.

Try to go back twice to the right
Find a ladder appeared to the ship.
Go up the ladder by using the 3 planks to accomplish the missing piece.
Just keep going up to finish this level 3 on 100 missions game

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