Clues to Solve Hidden Puzzles in Runaway Twist of Fate iPhone

In runaway twist of fate game, you will take a role as Brian and Gina where you will have to guide them to reveal the mysteries covered the game play
You will have the most thrilling adventure of solving any puzzles and engrossing mysteries throughout the game

runaway twist of fate walkthrough

They are called as heroes steal stuff such as trespass, get people fired, mess with history, destroy priceless artifacts, and ruin people’s lives.
The main point of all of this is just to line your pockets with some inventory items and to find out some clues to reveal the riddles.
So those items found along the game will be used to solve any missions for both characters

On the other side there will be dozens of charismatic characters crossing your path in a variety of colorful settings such as a deluded mime, an Elvis impersonator, a fraudster medium, and an Nurse Ratched-esque pharmacist that are annoying and generic.

Each mission will have its own story with some exciting stunts beginning jumping from faked deaths to hospital breakouts to gruesome murders to crime scene investigations.
Find an ingenious system of clues to lead you through the trickiest situations to solve the game’s 200 riddles and puzzles.

In the course of this short game you ruin an experiment, dump a dead guy’s ashes, shove a mentally unstable mime into an air vent, and vandalise an old man’s most prized possession.

When performing your action you often do vandalism or breaking and entering, it frequently requires such an enormous leap of logic that you need a run up to make the jump.

At one point, Brian cheats on his girlfriend while in the process of rescuing her and Gina focuses on her stripper past including lingering flashback scenes.
All those missions will be your hard duties to be revealed while using some experiments and items in your inventory as a clue

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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