Clues to Solve Puzzle in The Room Pocket on iPhone

In the room pocket game, you will find the answers that will bring you in mystery in equal measure and a unique space that blend spellbinding visuals with intriguing problems to solve.

The Room Pocket

This game offers something in an atmosphere of unease that has to be solved for having a pleasure and more reward.

You will be challenged to struggle to reveal the secrets of The Room that will be the same thing with boxes and find out what inside it.

Each room will create an eerie atmosphere through ingenious design, more suspense than a thousand bullet-riddled shooters, a haunting soundtrack, and a magical eyeglass to fully navigate this mysteriously beautiful 3D world.

Just slip it on by tapping an icon on the right of the screen to give you a glimpse into a different dimension if you want to try entering the first level of this game.
If you are stuck use your eyeglass to reveal a way to continue further.

When playing this game the doors are locked in which you will need clues to discover the secrets within You will have to solve clues in order to find out what is inside each of those doors.

Try to find out more about the mysterious “null element” that the narrative revolves around as you crack the codes and puzzles.

Try to fiddle and pull at the boxes while trying and working out what you have to do next.
You will get your strongest tool that is your eyeglass to help you when performing your action in every room.

How to solve some puzzles in every room of the room pocket game The Room in this game will offer an exercise in puzzle design to push you in the right direction while making sure the “eureka” moment is as sweet as it should be.

You have to search for the next clue by taking the form of a piece of the box out of place, or a symbol scratched into a plate that can only be viewed through your eyeglass Keep an eye of figuring out the riddles that the game drops on you when exploring room by room in this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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