Gold Cheats in Babel Rising 3D iPhone

In babel rising 3d game, just try to go to the quick play mode, and go for as long as possible to earn hundreds of coins in one round.
You can also spend Babels on permanent powers, such as the passive powers to regenerate your mana more quickly, or to power up your main attacks toward enemies.

Babel Rising 3D Gold Cheats

Just save up Babels for awhile if getting difficult time of beating a particular stage and upgrade the passive powers and your elemental powers then play it again.

Just start or finish trailing attacks off the trail, on the tower, so that the tower takes some damage by itself as well as the heretics.
Make as much use of your fire attacks as possible too, because these destroy the tower the most effectively.

Try to swipe a tornado attack in the opposite direction that you want it to go, because tornadoes have a habit of going backwards from the direction that you swipe.

Express your wrath against insolent workers led and strengthened by:Protective Priests who shield workers from your spells.
Sacred Urn Porters who slow down your powers.
Siege Towers that help humans to access upper levels faster.
Cargo Ships bringing stones to the yard.

Learn elemental attacks based on fire, water, earth and air, each with its unique effect depending on the target: the Rolling Stone, Sirocco, Meteorite Shower and many more.

Collect Babel currency through gameplay or via in-app purchase and use it to buy scrolls, passive powers and levels in order to improve your skills and your gaming experience.

Tips to earn infinity coins in babel rising 3d game
Play the game then quit it
Go to system date and setting to change the date to tomorrow
Run the game again
Now you will get a daily bonus coins
Keep doing so if you want to gain unlimited coins

You can also get the daily gift that is 100 gold by modifying the system clock on you phone
Time to start the game needs around 1 minute
Time to get the gift and close the game need around 0.5 minute
Time to change the clock needs around 0.5 minute If you want to get 5000 gold the time you need will be 50×2 minutes

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