Clues to Solve Puzzle in Guide The Light iPhone

In guide the light game, you are tasked to solve puzzles and if only tiny section on a level comes up, try to beam-width cracks between the two areas as it is a big clue that you can break the puzzle down into two separate solutions.

Guide The Light Cheats

So work on each one independently for a while in order to get a spot of connection that will bring both puzzles together.
Try always aim for efficiency when using mirrors.

You will have more left over to play with when directing other beams if you use less mirrors to guide an individual beam of light.
The simpler you can Try to make every action much simpler so that the puzzle solution will be clear to solve.

In order to use a mirror to split two beams every mirror is used to guide two different beams of light towards their receptor.
You have to put the separate beams to arrive at a different side of the mirror.

Because of this those separate beams can be guided into their parallel receptors.
Note that if you see two receptors on the same horizontal or vertical plane, it will be a good indicator to use one mirror.

In this occasion you often have red, blue or green beams but the receptor for the puzzle solution is white.
In order to solve this you need to guide each beam towards a combiner block with receptor points for each color. After having fed the colors in, a white beam will emerge from the remaining side of the cube.

From now you will have a task of solving a puzzle within a specific number of moves.
The warning will tell you about this whenever it wants to happen.
Note that you have to look at making the most impact with the fewest moves to avoid the adventurer being crushed by the approaching stone pillars

There will be a general knack to working this out.
Remember that if the receptor lies in the same plane as a brick wall it means you will be fine to activate it.
But if the receptor is in the same plane as a nook or cranny, when shining the light just expect a monster to appear in which it spells doom for your character.

In this session you have to create blue, red or green lights to solve the puzzle with a white beam of light. Now try to feed the white beam into a splitter block so that the new colors will emerge from the other sides of the block such as blue, red or green lights.

You have to make sure that the color of the beam must match the color of the crystal in order to pass through unimpeded.
Just use mirrors to divert beams around each other and squeeze them through the correct crack
Pay attention in Vision Crystal as it has a cooldown timer on it, so that you have to be patient to wait for a while before you can use it again.

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