Solve Puzzle in Test Chamber iOS

Test Chamber Mind Bending Puzzle is a wonderful logic game, with a unique physics twist and some excruciatingly tough but it is a kind of very satisfying puzzles one with a great puzzle design.

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Along the game, you will have to guide an unnamed cube-headed hero on his quest to escape the wraparound world of the Test Chamber, hoping to reach the Infinite World.

Here, each level is brought to be on a formation of blocks, with cubes that can be pushed around to bridge gaps
And, you must work out how to reach a portal to the next level.

Also, you will have to solve puzzles with a clever use of the way the chambers that is repeated in all directions
In the mean time, you must walk off the left side of the screen, you appear at the right side.

On the other side, you can taste this game in the free version of the game that will include 28 levels
Later on, you will need $2.99 for the premium version to unlock more levels and allow you to get you access to any future updates.
Anyway, this game is a superbly-conceived and well-crafted puzzle game that will exercise your brain in the most satisfying way.

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