Solve Puzzle to Unlock Band Chapter in Queen Play The Game iPhone

Queen: Play the Game is made by Soshi Game, in that this is a mobile game that will test your knowledge of the band, solve puzzles, unlock official artwork and win real official Queen merchandise and other bonus reward.

queen play the game walkthrough apple watch android

This game is an audiovisual and trivia treat that does a great job transforming a wealth of information about one of the greatest rock bands ever into a pretty entertaining game.

Along the game, you will be served with brand new puzzles, word games and music puzzles that will entertain and test your mind

In this version, you will also see over 1,000 questions, answers, images and puzzles, with Queen’s music providing clues and background.

Your knowledge will also be tested concerning with Queen’s songs, albums, tours, band members, producers, live gigs, studios, history, instruments, tastes etc

In other words, this game features three main gameplay options such as puzzles, word search, and trivia.
All those options are categorized into categories such as Songs, Song Lyrics, Tours, and Albums

And, also three levels of difficulty, such as the easy level for those who have heard a few Queen songs and the expert level for those who know Freddie’s real name and date of birth.

In line with the trivia parts, they will come along with ten questions each, and once you get 75% correct, you will be able to unlock art and photos.

The puzzles are relatively basic but fun, and the word searches are more challenging
Moreover, the game offers plenty of gameplay options and variety to make a single playthrough a relatively long one.

You will also be brought to look at the photos and art with top quality included in the game
If you enjoy rock history, unlocking art and photos after beating each level and challenge makes for a rewarding game

Also, you will listen to the music even better with Queen songs
At this point, if a question or a puzzle is even remotely related to a song, you will hear that song in great sound quality while trying to figure out which Lady is mentioned in Don’t Stop Me Now.
Thus, just listen to the song carefully to solve the trivia and the puzzle attached in this game

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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