Where to Get More Stars Turbo Boosters in Sonic And All Stars Transformed for iPhone

Sonic And All Stars Transformed is a new racing game, where you will race against each others using characters taken from sega franchises in which you will drive vehicles such as car, boat and plane modes with the vehicles behavior influenced by waves and turbulence.

sonic and all stars racing transformed tips

Throughout the game, you will learn to master many different challenges like drifting, maneuvering through traffic and more while trying to win races and using power-ups to speed up your rides.

Using the firework power-up is a simple firework projectile that can stop your enemies in one hit.
You will simply tap the power-up and swipe upward to fire it ahead of you while tapping the power-up upward and swiping downward to shoot it behind you.

On the other side, tap your finger on the the Blowfish power-up and either swipe upward or downward either to drop it behind you to hit enemies or to lob it ahead, though that puts it in your path as well.

Moreover, using the Ice power-up will provide you three quick ice shots that you can use to stop your enemy cold.
Thus, just tap on the power-up and swipe upward to shoot forward, or downward to shoot behind you.

And activating the Glove power-up will protect you from incoming attacks for a small amount of time.
Then the Drone power-up is the equivalent of a homing missile, and will handle with enemies ahead of you. Because of this just tap on the power-up and fire it upward, and it will lock on to your closest adversary in that you can shoot it behind you when swiping downward.

Furthermore, getting the All-Star power-up will be rare but when you do, activating it will give you a higher amount of speed and let you run right through opponents.
Therefore, just tap the power-up when you are ready but make sure to save it for a final lap to give you the best performance.

In the way of getting turbo boosts, you can pick up a general power-up boost after running over one of the question bowls then tap the power-up to use it.

Alongside, you can get them with power strips that are colored pink and littered all over the tracks so that just run over or through these in order to get a quick boost.

You can also earn turbo boosts by performing tricks in mid-air t on the shat you can swipe screen after coming off a jump.
When doing this action, be sure to land these tricks successfully to get a boost as reward.

Besides all your previous performances, you can get your rides drifted in which if you take corners tight enough without hitting the walls – by hitting the drift button without losing any acceleration – you will earn power.

At this point, this can be leveled up to three times, so that if you perform the longer drift, you will earn boost for more.
For some events, you will merely need to master drifting in order to complete the race.

In accordance with that line, before each race, you will be allowed to use either rings or stars in your possession to play a quick jackpot event.
According to this, you will be able to play anywhere between one to three reels to earn power-ups.
For such reasons, these will take effect during your next race, so you must use them as soon as you can.

In addition, in order to earn rings and stars, you have to complete races in that if you get first place, you will really clean up, though you will also earn them in second and third place as well.

Later on, with these stuff, you can use them to unlock other content in the game, including additional drivers, certain events and setting the game option in much easier.

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