Coins Cheats Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for iPhone

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is a new racing game, where you will race across complex courses at super high speeds, and you need super quick reactions to avoid some enemies, and deal with some obstacles with Tails as they battle Dr Eggman while going through 19 acts with 11 different environments.

sonic the hedgehog 2 tips

To play this game, you will be given with the virtual controls d-pad and jump button then make a special super dash move by tapping down on them at a time.

Furthermore, you will be allowed to access the bonus rounds where you simply reached the end of the stage with a certain amount of coins and then jumped through a giant ring.

At this point, you will need to collect at least 50 coins and cross a checkpoint.
Once doing that, flashing lights will appear above it so jump into the lights to enter the special stage, then run down 3D tunnels while collecting coins and avoiding mines.

In order to find Chaos Emeralds in this game, you will need to successfully complete each bonus stage in three parts.
Moreover, the rings will be scattered across each stage and you simply pick them up, in that you have to stay alert of any mines when trying to collect them.

As you go through the stage, you will come across a checkpoint, where you are required to have a minimal amount of rings, starting around 30 to 100 of them.

From there, you will have to meet before reaching the next checkpoint, which can be anywhere from 70 to 190, depending on the Emerald.
Eventually, you must finish with another minimum, ranging from 130 to 220 of them.
As a result, you will get all the required rings, and you will have an Emerald waiting for you at the end of the stage.

When starting with a new game, you will have the opportunity to choose which character you want.
And, you can even play with the classic Sonic or Tails combo, and knuckles is worth trying out, as his glide ability makes it easy to hit enemies in mid-air.

In the way of hovering tails in mid-air for several seconds, simply tap on the jump button in mid-air and he will take flight.
Note that he will be tired after several seconds and descend back to Earth in order to make the most from of his ability.

After trying knuckles, you can try to unlock Super Sonic as well
Becoming Super Sonic grants you impressive speed and invincibility that will be useful for running through levels.

For such reasons, you must collect all the Chaos Emeralds for the transformation.
Once getting them, start a level and collect 50 rings then jump up in the air to become Super Sonic.

In addition, you can also try spin dash to give you a boost that will help you get up steep hills and around loops.
So simply hold Down on the digital D-pad and press A, and Sonic will begin prepping his dash then go of the stick to take off him.
And if you want to keep his momentum going, hold the virtual D-pad in the direction that he is heading, and he should keep moving along the game.

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