Soul Points and Dragon Balls Cheats The Gods Rebellion iPhone

In the gods rebellion game, you must try completing some missions and win the battle in order to get more souls points
You will earn points to spend on upgrading your strengths and purchasing new combos after winning some battles through the different domains.
Moreover you can use it to boost your skills

The Gods Rebellion

On the other side there are Dragon Balls used to restore your health and axe powers instantly.
So perform a vital attack when using your weapon when you meant to dodge out of the way.

Combating revolves around four different buttons and killing everything that moves across seven different levels are you have to do to move around a decidedly linear 3D world.

Use these control your attacks
One is for your punches and kicks
The other is for your magical axe.
The other two are for blocks and counter-attacks.

Some of the creatures you fight need to be finished off with a dismembering blow from your axe
Otherwise they will blast and give you some damage.
So use power to do that then wait a while to recharge after using it.

When battling against bosses in the next epic boss battle they will be following patterns and waiting for the right moment to strike, but they will give enough damage to make things awesome.

Your axe attack will chunk through tough enemy armor, but the use of this is limited by an energy meter recharging slowly when being in the thick of battle.
So decide wisely when to whip out the axes when fighting against your enemies.
You can use a pair of axes at your disposal, as well as a powerful counterattack move.
So use your combo hit or punch and also with your axe to defeat them in a full-scale boss battle

Collect various gems from enemies drop to recharge your life bar, and give more power to your axe, and smashable vases and statues are often chock full of boosts too.

Your basic attack is a punch that can be chained into combo attacks.
Stringing together big combos will spend a few hours to be successfully created
Always upgrade your basic skills and gain new combos in the process
You can also use some enough points powerful new abilities to unlock for devastating area based damage.

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