Pontos Souls Cheats Soul Savior for iPhone

When playing soul savior game, you must gather up as many souls as you can while avoiding enemies in the mission
Here, you will simply tilt or to control a former angel called Terokan to save many souls while avoiding even more demons on the sky.

soul savior tips

Flying on the sky and gathering souls are the things you have to concern on every given mission
During in the mission, you will fly through the skies while collecting the souls scattered across the screen, then try dodging some rather unpleasant looking demons at all cost.

So concentrate on rescuing souls to end your sentence and be restored as an angel.
When doing each mission, you will be equipped with 5 amazing power ups to help you in the way of flying and saving more souls

You will be tasked to complete 70 missions and to upgrade your great skills as well.
This game will also offer an extra card up its sleeve in the form of attacks.

With Akin to a vertical shooter, you can pick up power-ups to shoot through the opposition in an automatic firing mode.
Using the other power-ups will allow you to go flying through the air much faster for a brief time, in which they will make souls come to you along the way.

When encountering bosses in this game, you will have to try harder to beat them whereby you will need plenty of dodging before approaching the monster in order to hit it a few times and destroy it.

There will be tons of upgrades available that you have to do to get some new skills and abilities
On the other side, your multiplier will increase automatically for every mission you complete.

In addition, this game will feature iap store where you are able to do an upgrade system as well as a mission list to keep players keen for more.
If you want to get more souls, you can go to app purchases to make a payment for some of them
However, you can have another option to collect these souls along the way of your flight as it offers you plenty souls in each mission.

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