How to Get Special Poker Cards Coins in Alice of Hearts on iPhone

In alice of hearts game, you must try to earn money coins and hearts by selling all of the unnecessary weapons.

alice of hearts guides

Meanwhile, winning in some cards battle will also give you some rewards including coins or hearts as well

By having more coins, you can upgrade some power ups and purchase new weapons or the powerful cards that you will need in the battle

In this game, you will play as Alice with the help of the various Egos that you can create
And you will go through some missions while accomplishing the goal that is to battle against some of the traditional Wonderland creatures and progress through.

Simply do a battle with foes using poker hands, skills and other abilities
The battle in this game will be like a chess or a scrabble board consists of placing poker cards so that you will try so hard to apply your method of attacking your rivals by using your cards to make poker hands.

Thus try using better the hand to make more damage during the battle.
The damage will follow the traditional order of poker hands

However, a three of a kind of poker hands will do more damage than a two pair does in that two pair will not do much more damage than just one pair.

For such reason, simply focus on trying to make three of a kind of cards either a flush or a straight one.

They are common cards, but few of them have strong power to take out an enemy in short order.
On the other side, flushes allow you to simply tack on another card of the same suit during the next turn.

By doing so, you will get advantages as this can work both ways, whereby you will play defense and stick an off-suited card on the side of an enemy’s flush line to thwart their efforts at flushes.

In addition, just save your booster cards to be used when fighting against tougher battles and when you decide to switch the difficulty levels.

Always check your Ego’s equipment every once in awhile so that you can see all of the weapons which you pick up from battles
Make sure to arm your Egos with weapons, items and armor, and Level them up through combat
By having more weapons, you can use in the card battle.

Furthermore, you can also figure out what category of weapons you can equip before going to the store and purchasing new weapons.

All you have to do in this game is to guide Alice to find her way home.
So try placing better hands for greater effect to create Royal Flush while using the skills that your battle companion

Make sure to collect rare Special Cards that will help you in winning the battle and you can use the warriors of Wonderland
Use Hundreds of combinations amongst of them then find the ones which work best for your Egos

In addition creating Egos with different strengths and abilities will give you advantages of winning the battle

In making this game more fun, you can compete with friends through Facebook and show who will be on top of Leaderboard

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