How to Get Spell Shard Coins in Solara on iPhone

In solara game, you must build your castle and complete the quest to get gold coins as the currencies of this game
Here, you are tasked to build a mighty castle, recruit brave heroes, slay ferocious monsters and dragons, and battle other players online

solara tips

On the other word, this is a fantasy strategy game combining building, adventure and combat with diverse structures such as shops, taverns and weaponsmiths etc.

For having more defense to protect your castle, you must recruit up to 18 brave and cute heroes including Rusty the Footman, Luna the Ranger and Zora the Mage

And once getting all of them, you can give them a shelter in a mighty castle that is composed of shops, taverns, weaponsmiths, and magical planetariums.

This epic adventure will provide you more than 300 quests across 50 levels with dozens of ferocious monsters, like giant Tantacles, angry Treants, wheezing Dragons and more.

Moreover, those quests will give a specific challenge for every player to combat with any enemy coming from any direction that will try to attack your castle
So try having a solid hero to give your castle a kind of great defense from over 80 other ferocious monsters.

Simply select the right hero combinations to vanquish powerful bosses with unique strengths and weaknesses during the quests.
Furthermore, you can embark on an epic and whimsical adventure spanning over 300 quests and 50 levels while taking a role in competing with other players around the world in the Arena to show who will get the most gold and glory in this game.

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