How to Get Spells Crowns in Magicka Wizards of The Square Tablet iPhone

In magicka wizards of the square tablet game, you must complete each goal to get more crowns
Here, the crowns is the main currency that you can use to unlock some equipments including new weapons, robes, familiars, and single-use scrolls to boost your power.

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You will collect crowns each time you beat enemies in the battle
Meanwhile some bonus like weapon and new spell will be offered for you to take

You will play as a young wizard that has a hard duty to save and release a fantasy kingdom from violence and oppression.
With a tongue lodged in your cheek, a magic staff, and a slew of different spells you set out to struggle and kill some enemies trying to attack you and your team.

The rule is pretty simple as you have to touch, tap, poke, and prod your way through the new campaign by yourself, or “accidentally” obliterate four of your friends to be four wizards in multiplayer co-op

Try to unlock new unique powers and some items with casting your spells across multiple levels in this satirical fantasy world
By having some new powers you can combine them to create thousands of spell combinations elements while creating combos and special moves during the combat session
Use combo together different elements to create different attacks.

Your spells are indicated around the bottom of the screen in a series of buttons.
Those spells consist of basic elemental fare, with fire, lightning, earth, and water.
So by combining elements you can make an incredible power to get you allies life back

Life will heal you or an ally, and combining life with lightning can make someone back to life.
You also have a healing spell and a shield spell you can use to fix any damage you have taken and protect yourself during a hard combat.

So combine up to any four of the seven elements which makes for a ton of possibilities builds up a powerful arsenal.
Moreover you can mix and match elements to discover a new spell
Tapping fire, then earth will make your dude hurl a flaming boulder wherever you tap around the screen.

Simply tap to move your character and launch an attack to the enemies
Tap a spell and tap the enemy you want to fire with your spell.
Try tapping a spell more than once to increase its potency
Tapping on the screen will make your character move around, and tapping on enemies while using spells based on their strength.

Each enemy will have different vulnerabilities and strengths so that you have to learn which proper spell to be used to attack them.
Mix a heal spell and an offensive spell to create a beam which blasts out of your wizard and gives large amounts of damage.

You can do the trick to defeat enemies in the battle by having more electrical spells in the party
Note that an enemy or player who is wet will take more damage from electrical spells.
For such reason it will be better to have one player focusing on spells that involve the water element to get everything wet

Meanwhile the rest of the party goes to town electrocuting everything with lightning spells.
So you can have a bolt of electricity to fire and beat enemies in quick way.

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