Rare Cards Cheats in Spirit Force iPhone

In spirit force game, you will play as the soul master warriors to protect the world.
Your spirit will be divided into yin and yang.
Both of yin and yang are opposed to their force power.

Spirit Force

People believe that both sides protect themselves
In this best online card-battle game you have to fight against Japanese Yokai monsters from the Heian Period as they control the balance of all the souls for peace.

You have to defeat the bosses with your allies to get special spirit cards and beautiful luxury cards to be evolved to become the most powerful one
In this game you will have to battle over the sacred treasure with your allies to conquer the opponents

Remember that you will have unlimited mission with over 100 Sacred Treasures to collect and over 1000 Spirit
Try to invite allies to get special spirits for battle in the field arena
Always keep in mind that there will be various events for a limited time

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