How to Spot TSA Agents in Airport Scanner on iPhone

Tips to track passengers and recognize agents in airport scanner game
Always screen peoples luggage at the airport, and catch anything illegal to dangerous on the flight.

Airport Scanner on iPhone

Try to swipe their bag to the right after tapping theirs to make it cross the conveyor belt faster and to get the next passenger up the conveyor belt more quickly.

Get a consistent payout by going with fair justice that usually pays a decent amount.
Try to swipe backwards with the bag to stop it from leaving the scanner, so that you can have a better look at it again.

Always remember not to take too long of checking every bags as you are under a time limit when playing this game
Try to finish the stage at the right time to earn those extra X-ray Bucks.

Always scan bags accurately to determine which ones having illegal items or otherwise
Scan all of the bags correctly without tapping any bags in 100 percent legal, or letting a bag with a bad object in it slide through so you will get golden.

Try to track the passengers and flight crew by clicking on the gate or fence that is rope things in the airport to make they have a trip shorter
Stay alert of recognizing agents by knowing a star in their suitcase either before or after the gunk. Always make sure to look their suitcase carefully

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