Where to Find Tickets in SpotOn Find The Hidden Object for iPhone

In spoton find the hidden objects game, be sure to concentrate on what you do on the screen with your peripheral vision
Here, you must struggle to gain a good high score where you have to use your peripheral vision to spot the items

spoton find the hidden object tips

In line with this, during the first few levels, all yo will have to do is simply to follow all the areas for the symbol, letter or number you are looking for.

Anyway, using your peripheral vision will get you to focus your sight at the middle of the screen
At the same time, try to let your brain work its magic so that the item that you are looking for will be visible and easier to spot.

Throughout the game, you will sometimes get the item you are looking for will not appear until the very last moment
And, in some occasions it will be the first one to appear.

In line with this, try to never lose focus and always pay attention to the symbols on the screen whereby you will never know when the one you are looking for will be shown at that time

Along the game, you will get a free ticket every 5 levels, so if you are closing in to that number, you can use them to continue for later levels
Basically, you will continue for free, as you will get your ticket back.
On the other side, each new retry costs more tickets, so there really is no need to use more than one

In addition, you will have to struggle getting to 100 points, along the game.
One important thing is always try to give it your best so that you can blast your friends in the online mode.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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