How to Get Super Golden Acorns in Squirly iPhone

In squirly, your main objective is to help a squirrel avoid its enemies and return back home as he has been recently kidnapped by an irritated bird and he manages to escape

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However, he is observed himself in a mysterious jungle brimming with deadly snakes.
So it is the time to guide Squirly through the treacherous jungle while collecting the many acorns

All you have to do in this game is pretty simple as you will merely tap one side of the screen to move in that direction.
In the mean time, you will keep moving in that direction until you tap the opposite side of the screen, which means that you need to be constantly riding the controls during every run.

In the way of collecting acorns, whenever you collect numerous acorns within quick sequence, you will start building up some sort of multiplier.
Doing so will come to the main approach to obtaining an increased score
At the same time, try to keep ones combo proceeding and bear in mind if anyone miss even only one or two acorns, you will get rid of your multiplier advantage
Moreover, the greatest the multiplier can certainly go will be five.

Anyway, the center of the screen is frequently the safest
Most of times you are going to want to be in the center of the display screen, whereby it gives you an ample level of breathing space to stop obstacles from the left or maybe right.

Being in the middle of the screen will get you away from a snake’s achieve and vines
Normally, try not to reach all the way up to the center although they still do occasionally consequently be on guard

In line with this, the sole thing you will need to consider is the particular monkey that appears sometimes on the top connected with screen in addition to throws banana missiles from you.

Typically, grabbing acorns will be top priority, but you should always prioritize the particular golden kinds either
Getting some golden acorns will gain you an extra supersquirly

Later on, supersquirly operates a continue token, enabling you to keep going if you ever run straight into an hurdle.
You can only utilize supersquirly thrice in just one run

Sometimes, you will see acorns in which sports some sort of color in the rainbow.
In the event you collect these kind of, that color will likely be added for the background.

Whenever you collect the many colors, a rainbow will variety and you’ll get a lot of points, let alone a large amount of golden acorns have a chance to spawn

On the other side, beware of the mushrooms
Mushrooms will appear every so often and they are basically the opposite connected with acorns
Besides, they will cause you to be lose details
For such reasons, try to avoid these for the best of your respective ability, but do not risk yourself to get dealt with.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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