Stack Money Cheats in Apoc Wars on iPhone

In apoc wars game, you can collect more dollar cash by getting victory in each battle, in that you are tasked with some major mission that is take command of a small post, establishing your own settlement, and drive it to a thriving future, battling raiders, and other unpleasant personalities of the dark, gritty future to control fission of Uranium-235.

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Just try to destroy other buildings afterwards for more cash and experience then win the battle to get money bonus, and also some useful boosts in the future stunt.

Meanwhile, you need to battle the more violent survivors to thrive your army, while constructing defenses and life-sustaining buildings, then keep your people and economy on the level.

You will produce resources from various “farm” placeholders, and advanced resources to unlock unique buildings and units and you can use for speeding up the construction of buildings and units.

Your energy will be generated by various generators in which when you are reaching the energy limit, you will not be able to construct any more buildings.

Make sure to build the various defensive systems and barracks, which can train units while building walls to protect your structures, creating turrets of different kinds to destroy the attacking forces, or units to protect and attack.
Once doing those stuff, you do to upgrade all of your buildings to unlock new constructions, or improve the building’s output.

You construct facilities, such as the troop-training Barracks, and then place Turrets to defend them in case of attack and to revolve around protecting your Command Centre, and thus your ability to produce resources.

Before going to the battle, make sure to spy the territory with one of the spying tools, since at the start of the battle, enemy territory is shrouded in a fog of war.

On the other side, you can try figure out each defense individually so that you can avoid triggering too many at one time.
Afterward, choose what, and how many troops you will deploy, limited by a supply cap, and choose a point where they will be deployed.

Then, you need to get to the enemy command centre and destroy it, losing as few units as possible and also control the whole bunch of our units in the field, by merely pressing anywhere on map to let them walk to the point, or pressing on enemy structures and units, to let them shoot at it.

During the combat, you can uncover the fog of war as much as you can with spying technology, and after selecting troops to enter the war zone you go about systematically destroying every building you possibly can while avoiding getting destroyed yourself.

In order to get a good progress, you have to do some upgrades and units to beat a somewhat better equipped opponent.
Once winning the battle, you will get money bonus, experience boost to advance you to new level, and also some useful boosts.

When the building upgrade process, it gets completely shut off, stopping all production, resource gathering, or supplying energy.
Remember not to upgrade buildings, unless you really do not need them in that moment.
In order to get more reward, you can destroy other buildings afterwards for more cash and experience.

In addition, your large numbers of forces can easily overwhelm most turrets, but you risk losing soldiers quickly if some walls are around these gun placements or those walls are grouped together with other turrets in one time.

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