Star Coins Cheats Super Sniper Shooter iPhone

In sniper shooter game, you must try to earn money coins cash with some stars you have got in each mission
To get more coins, just get back to chapters that you collected less than three stars, and earn three stars on each one of them.

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The more stars you have the more coins you will earn
So you will earn extra coin bonuses depending on your star score.

Once accomplishing each stage you will unlock accomplishments that you can complete for extra coins.
And there will be one per mission for doing so.

You will play as a police sniper with a goal that is to take out some of the most vicious, violent and evil criminals on the street.
Before going to every mission, you will get a mission brief for having a little bit of tutorial like who you have to kill, read closely, because the mission will always tell you which person you should be looking for.
Get a hint in the person’s name like someone with the last name Hide could be hiding behind something, the intel, or the objective one.

If you still cannot find who the target is is, intentionally fail the mission by simply shooting at someone random.
But you are lucky, you will shoot the right person and win.
Otherwise, when you get to the fail screen, you will know a complete giveaway hint telling you who the person is.

Note that going to the later chapters will give you a challenge as wind and distance will become a factor.
For such reason, you have to focus on which direction the game says the wind is blowing in that it will be displayed with either a positive or negative.

In addition, when shooting multiple people, you will have try so hard not to ring alarms
So you will shoot when they are at their furthest points from each other, and wait until they are facing away from each other.

If it is not like what you expect, you can shoot one and the other one then shoot them while they are on the run because of hearing the shot coming at them.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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