Star Gems Cheats to Get Power ups in Angry Birds 2 iPhone

Rovio Entertainment has recently launched the next sequel of Angry Birds Series which is called as Angry Birds 2 in which this game seems to be made with new mechanics into play such as randomly generated levels

angry birds 2 walkthrough ios android

In this game, gems is the premium currency that you can get by completing special mission
To get such currency, you can purchase them through iaps or you can get them for free by watching advertisement videos

On the other side, you can collect more gems by completing the daily missions
These missions are usually really simple and they will give you with some extremely useful gems
For such reasons, be sure to complete those missions on a daily basis.

In line with this, you can also watch videos when you fail a stage
However, just do it if you can beat the stage afterwards since the number of videos that you can watch per day is limited, so it will be better to use this chance once you are about to run out gems only

At initial level, you may launch your birds too early
In accordance with this, you can tap the restart button and try it all over again since you have a lives mechanic and you have a limited amount of failures allowed.
In the mean time, be sure to save the level with the bird cards that you have and you might just get lucky.

Later on, you can also use some power-ups which will be useful for boss fights, in which just stick to the power-ups and use them only when you really need them such as in later levels.

Meanwhile, you must learn to activate each bird’s special power at the right time.
When it is about to use it, be sure you plan your moves ahead and you activate them at the right time to cause maximum destruction.

In this game, you will have various items in the environment that can potentially help us beat levels
Here, you can have the plants that catch and spit all the items they get including birds
Therefore, just look where they are positioned, what are they aiming at as they will certainly help.

For further, you will be able to shoot a new bird after shooting the first
At this point, it will be better to wait for all the animation to run and see exactly what you will have to deal with.
Sometimes, a late pop or piece falling eventually will save a level
Moreover, you will also get one extra bird for the next stage, which is extremely useful

Anyway, if you have already pulled the sling and you have the wrong bird selected, just try to bring it back in the original position in which it will not shoot.

Furthermore, you will see that the levels are changed every time you restart a stage, but they are still basically the same and all structures have a weak point that
In accordance with this, you must try to find that weak point and taking it down with the appropriate bird.
if you can do so well, you will be able to get three stars

In addition, playing in the Arena more often daily will grant you a bunch of rewards
Generally, you will get one Arena play per every three hours
But, you can actually get a second one for free by watching an ad video.

Thus, be sure to do this first to play more in the Arena, where you can compete against other players online for high scores, feathers and even more rewards in form of gems, the premium currency of this game.

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