Crystals Cheats Star Wars Commander on iPhone

Star Wars Commander is an RTS game, where you will be able to play as a group of mercenaries in which you can put your self on either the Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

star war commander tips

At the beginning of the game, you have to build up resource buildings first
Here, The Credit Market and Alloy Refinery will be top priority to be built on your base and you should level them up quickly, followed by the Credit Vault and Alloy Depot.

In line with this, you will need a ton of resources throughout the game, so focus on the resources to build up your base as much as possible in the first play.

Complete the missions to increase your resource and free crystals
If you have enough resources buildings, you must then focus on the missions
The missions in this game are made easier to beat for beginner players, in which it also offering you some nice rewards.
Focusing on completing the missions and mastering them will increase your resource counts and you will also get some free Crystals.

Later on, when you hit the point where you can no longer get three stars in the single player missions, it means it is the time to start attacking other players.

In the battle, you can focus on the battling side of things first.
Before going to the battle, you have to arm yourself to the teeth with troops and heroes, then go fight against random players.

Anyway, if you have not completed the quests yet, you have to complete those first because they will be the quickest way to earn Alloy and Credit, which are the two currencies of the game.
Now, you should upgrade your Credit Markets faster because you use up so much of it and it is so fast when fighting.

To prevent your resources and trophies from getting stolen, you have to load up your defenses.
At this point, you will have to put as many of the credit and alloy buildings, and the command center, inside of the walls as you can, then you should upgrade the walls as high as you can.

If you are trying to drop trophies, try to stick your town hall outside of your base so that enemies attack that first, possibly ditching the resources.

In the mean time, try to load gun turrets up in equal distances around the base especially for all of your important buildings, and everything is within shooting distance of the turrets.
Doing so will make it harder for enemies to get 3 stars, so stick a few buildings out in the very corners of the base

Crystals are the premium currency in this game.
In the way of getting more extra Crystals, you can clear up the debris like the junk and rocks on your base and you should also focus on completing the missions in order to get some of them.

Connecting the game on Facebook will provide you any opportunity to get free Crystals, the you can use to buy the third Droid which will help you build up your base faster.

Moreover, you will be able to earn those crystals with more completed achievements and single player story chapters.
Then, you can spend them on more droids before anything else, in which they will provide you a big permanent effect on your base’s growth.

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