Fuel Jewels Cheats Starborn Wanderers HD for iPhone

In starborn wanderers hd game, you must complete missions to get gems cash and to collect experience, money, gems
Here, you will need fuel as your energy needed to jump between sectors in the missions

starborn wanderers tips

Besides missions, contracts are the trading equivalent of missions in which every task requires you to purchase specific materials in one location, then cart them off to another and sell them.

Furthermore, except currencies and xp, you will also be rewarded with boosters if you accomplish missions whereby those boosters temporarily increases your ship’s default speed with a limited number of uses.

Single use items such as healing nano bots, replenishing Alpha Energy, and launching destructive missiles are handled with buttons on the left hand side, and skills and attack commands are on the right.

On the other side,l stay alert of your remaining stocks as running out of something you really, really need in the middle of a fight is a very bad thing.

In line with that strategies, you can have some options to attack enemies with different methods
Firstly, you can use regular attacks method such as Bursts, Volleys, and Shots.

Bursts are the best to handle with mobile targets
Shots will fire onto a single slow-moving enemy
Volleys will unload everything at once.
In order to get a good result, you can also combine those methods together to create devastating combos.

Secondly, using alpha energy attacks consist of three categories namely Pyrokinesis, Telekineses, and Electrokinesis in that each of them can be upgraded and evolved eventually.

Pyrokinesis gives a fireball to cause burn damage, and it will continue to damage them over the course of several turns at later levels.
Telekineses will use objects in the environment as weapons and launches them at your enemies, and it can eventually be upgraded into a large force wave.
Electrokinesis will naturally cause electric damage and affect multiple targets, even cause severe damage to every enemy in any number.

Combos are worth to try as you can merely select the attack displayed in the button with the “X/3” on the bottom center screen until it changes to a Strike.

Tap that button to make your enemy’s health dip significantly.
Meanwhile, you can tap this button directly to activate the required attack as well.

Besides using combos, you can try to fire a missile then attack with regular guns or Alpha Energy in the same turn to win the combat.
Thus, the key to do all actions is to do some upgrades on your weapons and equipment.

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