How to Get Stars Bonus and High Score Bird Mania iPhone

In bird mania game, you must try to complete some objectives to gain higher scores
Here, you will try controlling a bird while dodging trees, bees, other birds and more.

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On the other word you have to dodge everything while collecting stars, popping balloons and collecting an occasional group of musical notes that go in sync with the music to increase your score.

Moreover you can also press a dash button to speed up and blast your way through other birds.
As a result, you will increase your multiplier for achieving higher scores.

You will start moving along at a slow pace, but you will only need to slightly move your finger or thumb up and down to control the bird to get the faster moves.

During the play, the game will track distance, highest multiplier, number of balloons popped and birds hit while flying past treetops, bushes and stinging bees.

All those challenges will be the overall objective to be achieved to get the highest score on the online leaderboards.

Furthermore you can dash to create combos and collect bonuses to up your score right to the top as you zoom at the speed of lightning to the pumping music

Remember there will be the cloudy skies as birds or bees can be hidden behind the clouds causing the player to run into one, ending the round.

Because of this, you have to simply dash as much as possible to avoid such collisions.
Performing such dash will only last for a matter of seconds before it needs to quickly recharge.

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