How to Get Stars Coins in Draw Something 2 on iPhone

In draw something 2 game, all you will have to do is to get money coins and stars that you can use to purchase new drawing tools and the sparkle pens

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To play this game is simple as you will draw something and guess what the other players draw
So every time you make a right guess you will either stars or coins that you can use to unlock fresh content like having new colours, tools and new other packs.

If you get stuck you can use stars that will place a single letter tile in the correct position.
You will also have a choice of having hints in you are stuck to guess the picture in that these hints will cost currency for certain.

Therefore by having those new tools, you can create your pictures more attractive and expand sets of color to add some nuance to your drawings.

You will have a chance of getting free coins or stars if you follow friends and other users, with a social feed displaying saved drawings and other top community pieces whereby it will be wrapped with Achievements containing currency of this game.

On the other side, there will be an event like a Daily Guess and a Daily Draw that will give you some coins for free.

In the Daily Guess, you will have to guess what today’s Draw Something 2 staffer has drawn.
In the Daily Draw, you will have to do your best to draw today’s clue.
So the more you participate in this event, the more currency rewards you will get on a daily basis.

This game adds more than 5,000 new words to the library, and now allows nine-letter words and phrases.
When drawing something, you can try to apply new stamps for the artistically challenged design, textures, shapes while adding more sparkly effects and watercolor appearances.

In the option to ‘free draw’ an image, you simply show off your drawing to friends and other users, or just to practice with new tools.

Moreover, this activity will build upon the sketch-guessing sensation by adding more social features and ways to interact, while wrapping everything up in a great package.

All of this will come to the objective that is to pick a prompt from a list of terms then use the available drawing tools to sketch out your best visual approximation of the subject.

After completing your drawing, you will send it to your friend to be guessed then your friend will send his or her own drawing back based on a different one to be guessed as well.
And every correct guess will give you coins to purchase some additional tools

This game will allow you to play with friends from your contact list or Facebook, or make new friends through the game’s random match option.

You will take a role as both drawer and guesser
As the drawer, you will draw the word that you choose for your friends to be guessed.
As the guesser, you will guess what your friends draw

So by using your finger, you will use a basic marker with a few different colors and tools to draw your word well enough for your friends to guess it.

In addition, you will get more pens in your box like the new pixel pencil which allows you to draw images right out of an 8-bit art then use a highlighter to put a light shade over your drawing in a raft of new options at your fingertips.

If you make an uncommon drawing, you can undo and redo moves then use textures and a highlighter to make your images in the best view to guess.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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