How to Earn Stars Gems in Flyshot Golf on iPhone

In flyshot golf game, all you will do is to try completing goals to earn money gems and stars
Here, you will have to accomplish some challenges to reduce your stroke count will earn you special items and stars

flyshot golf tips

Once getting those stars, you can exchange them for cool costumes and new clubs to take special courses
Meanwhile, plan a good tactics according to different courses and complete challenges to collect stars and special items for bonus reward.

Your main goal of this game is to become the world’s greatest golfer and to play on a variety of beautiful courses from around the world

For such reason, take a special courses and challenges in order to find the right strategy to get a par or better.

In order to be a golfer with the high score, you have to try to shoot over mountains, bounce your ball off the rocks, roll your ball down the cart path, and many more tricks that you have learnt from the course

During the play, you will be accompanied by a special assistant, Caddymon or caddy monster that will help you win by using special abilities, to enhance your skills.

Therefore, by having such skills, you will hopefully can overcome any challenge in every competition
Try to the ball further by using power shot then approach Shot rolls your ball closer to the hole after landing on the green

In order to make your ball fly over obstacles, you can use Sky Shot to do so so that you will get amazingly high scores by effectively using that way

Now after taking so much courses and having so much practices, you can compete with your Facebook friends and try to get high points and to be the pro golfer

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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