Stars Gems Cheats in Running With Friends on iPhone

When playing running with friends game, you must try accomplishing every turn to get more stars
Here, you will be asked to survive in each turn as long as possible so that you can complete your turns while waiting for next turns.

running with friends tips

Thus, keep covering longer in each turn to show more stars to collect so that you will find more scores to attain.

After three turns, the winner of this game will be determined by the higher scores you have got in each turn.
In addition riding on the running bulls will also give some bonus rewards

In the beginning of the game, you will invite friends or random players, or accept challenges then take turns in running along the random streets.

So you will simply swipe up and down, right and left to move your character jump over police cars, slide beneath closing gate, kick through barrels and avoid water, other players, or anything that might slow you down or even lead to being caught.

Whilst running in each turn, you will have to collect as many stars and other items as much as possible along the way.

Get away from gates, vehicles and other obstacles, climb up structures to loot more collectibles
Meanwhile you have to avoid the road cones, other players on the same map, speeding cars, flying barrels, as well as bulls running in both directions.

On the other side, the other characters and obstacles in the streets, together with the houses on both sides filled with cheering crowds will give a challenge to overcome.

So try to run as fast as possible and to get high score then surviving in the charging bulls on the streets of Pamplona, Spain while collecting money gems as bonus.

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