How to Gain High Points in Stay In The Line for iPhone

In the line pro version game, you will guide a small ball down ever-changing paths while avoiding the sides.
In line with this, you will simply drag your finger along the touchpad area on the bottom of the screen, while moving left and right to keep the ball in the center of the moving pathway.

stay in the line guides

At this point, you are tapping at the bottom of the screen and not on the dot, which makes the whole thing a lot less natural.
You can even try swiping your finger left or right, go up and down too and move your finger as if you were on that road so that everything will be more natural and you can go much further.

Make sure not to hit the arrows that appear on the left or right of the touchpad, as this will automatically come to a game over – but once you get the hang of dragging your finger, you will be able to go on some great runs.

In order to avoid touching the sides in this game, you must watch how the path changes.
The game moves smoothly enough that you can see big and smaller ridges coming up and prepare accordingly, and move along without touching the sides.
So just get used to not touching the sides, and keep a steady finger on the touchpad to control your movements along the game.

Furthermore, you must try to earn 2X points in this game that you can do by competing with your friends.
Alongside, this game will randomly generate the routes each time you play and sometimes it manages to create something that is impossible to beat, like those long horizontal lines that are from one end to the other.

Meanwhile, your moves and swipes will be flowing perfectly, so try not to swipe as if you were slicing fruits though.
Fast, sudden swipes are more difficult to control and you will most likely end up hitting a wall. Therefore, try to keep a nice flow and moving your finger.
In addition, even if your friends are a bit better than you are, your 200 points will become 400 and will increase next in the game.

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