Ammo Coins Cheats in Steam Punks for iPhone

Steam Punks is a 2D platform of shooting game genre, you will play as Dunns, an elite enforcer dedicated to upholding the law where you will have to explore stages filled with enemies and traps, reach a final boss and defeat him to claim a brand new weapon.

steam punks tips

Your hero can jump like he is on the moon, shoot in front of him, dash awkwardly, and stick to walls then go around collecting new powers from each boss.
So just stick to a wall and climb it to make a wall jump.

Furthermore, the stages of the game can be completed in any order, allowing you to make the game easier or harder depending on the choice of stage and obtained weapons, so that you can use them when fighting against a particular boss in the next stages.

Because of defeating bosses, you will earn new weapons which you can use to open up new areas in previously defeated levels, or simply to hammer on the next boss.

Meanwhile, every weapon you got from the battle will have limited ammo so do not think you can go shooting at every enemy you encounter without checking your ammo supply.

In the way of accomplishing every stage, your hero will get a dash move that can be accomplished by double-tapping one direction.
When you shoot at enemies they will do tend to drop copious amounts of loot in the form of money, health, and ammo
And, these power-ups seem determined to do anything other than let you pick them up.

However, the coins will flutter up and outwards at weird angles, that will make you miss far more than you will ever collect
Besides, the health and ammo will make up your minds to go on incredible journeys.

Later on, the stages and levels will offer a variety of ways to customize and power up Dunns.
On the other side, once completing the first two levels you will receive a whopping sixty coins that you can use to do some upgrades.

Throughout the game, you will explore eight levels that are quite large, with lots of secrets waiting to be found in which you can choose aside from the first and last stage
Also, yo can go to a town area where you can talk to people and power up.

Playing in some stages will make Dunns get some new abilities or enhance existing ones throughout the course of the game.
In addition, some checkpoints are placed throughout the stages so that you can revisit stages in order to earn new weapons and abilities for even more.

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