Tickets Laser Cheats Steampunk Tower iPhone

In steampunk tower chillingo game, you must charge of the immense Steampunk Tower and to protect the eccentric Lord Bingham’s precious property then to stack that towers high with a delicious assortment of weaponry.

steampunk tower tips

Here, you have to experiment with some research in that tower as well
In the way of protecting the tower, you will start off with a bog standard machine gun to attach to your turrets to fight off the enemies then fight off waves of enemies using various weaponry that you put upon different turrets of your tower.

As making progress through the game, you will get something called Tower Tickets which you can pour into research to upgrade your weapons and get new ones such as cannons for having more fire power for defending your tower.

New enemies such as armoured vehicles will come along to try to destroy your tower while the challenge scales and gets harder.
For such reasons, with the help of his research head, Jane, you will research new technologies to have stunning Etherium powers then to upgrade your turrets and improve your chances of surviving the Imperial Army’s relentless attack.

In this tower defense simulation game, you start off with a bunch of money to arm your tower.
Machine guns will be useful to get to a position left or right of the central column.
With Cannons, you will be capable of clearing entire swathes of enemy at a time.

Note that, every weapon can only store a limited amount of ammo at any one time too, so you must move each unit in and out of play to take advantage of a faster reload time during idle moments.
Moreover, upgrading those weapons will be top priority as your enemy will get harder to defeat when they come to attack your tower.

You will have to increase the range of your weapons, like improving their rate of fire, or just have them pack a little more punch.
Furthermore, you will have the special powers – laser beams and lightning storms – that rapidly destroy anything in their path.
In line with this, you will earn some of the special currency needed to activate them by reaching certain milestones in this game

Once having all you need, you can fortify your epic spire with machine guns, cannons, lightning coil, saw launchers and more.
Because of defeating the incoming barrage of silhouetted balloons, cannons, trucks and troops you will get research points which can be used to bolster your defenses.
Therefore, try to spend these points carefully while you can repeat missions.

In addition, there will be also a laser which you can use to clear a bunch of enemies on-screen while defending your tower then putting weapon into the turret to maximize your killing power.

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