Rare Troops Gems Cheats Stickman Kingdom iPhone

In stickman kingdom game, you must gather up rare troops to eliminate monsters and build your kingdom peacefully

Stickman Kingdom

Early on this game, you will have to prepare yourself to lead and rally the troops against the monsters at your kingdom gates immediately

Rid your kingdom of monsters as soon as possible to deliver Stickman Kingdom to peace
Get rare and high level troops and revive them during having a battle
Do a fusion of your stickman to increase more power and strengthen your abilities as well

You can choose Pirates, Ninjas, and Samurai of the various types of Stickman that are at your disposal
Note that some of them will be more powerful than you could ever imagine

Join over a billion combinations of possible Stickman Battle Teams
Each stickman will be equipped with their own attacks and abilities then going to battle to the death with giant dragons and other monsters

Help your Stickmen out of the battle with combinations of your own battle powers to help them defeat their enemies

Build houses and planting crops to support your Stickmen so that your troops will be stronger and stronger facing anything.
On the other side you will always be ready of energy supply to regain their energy quickly

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