More Coins Stars Cheats Storm The Train for iPhone

In storm the train game, you will firstly select one among three characters
Mason is the slowest, but he makes up for his plodding pace with the most health.
Graham is the more balanced of the three of them
Carrera is the quickest among them.
So you have to choose one of them based upon the health or speed stat

Storm The Train

Try to get completing the game’s long list of mini-objectives to unlock more meaty weapons roster so you will have more powerful gun than using the same two guns all the time

Try doing a dash through a level on a coin grab.
Killing enemies will increase your Mayhem meter

Try to win a fight battle with the tricky mini-boss in order to have super-effective power-ups
Try to upgrade each character’s health in the Shop

Just switch characters during play for a price reward.
To do so simply tap the icon on the left, and cycle through the available power-ups.
Just wait for the creature to get right back up and resume the chase after you hit them in order to make the first move, or jump over the creep to advance.
Always jump from the train to the next train.
Note that when playing this game try to press the icon on the top left corner of the screen to get the best fit your thumbs then tap the controller icon.

So that you will feel free to adjust the directional arrows, shoot and jump buttons.
Just do double jump by tapping the button twice in order to avoid large groups of enemies and to survive giant leaps of faith.

In order to get stars points you have to complete missions like destroying a certain number of enemies, or rescuing a hostage in every mission.
To get more stars you can also spend virtual Coins

Try to beat monsters and a certain number of enemies to get free power ups and a Turret Drone or even the Mayhem Suit is always in your hand during fighting with them.

Buy more weapons with your gold coins you got
Go to the Shop and spend the cash to unlock new weapons including the Assault Rifle, Shotgun and Rocket Launcher.

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