Chain Combo Cheats in Street Fighter X Tekken Gauntlet iPhone 5

In street fighter x tekken gauntlet game, you will play role as either Ryu or Kazuya which is facing waves of enemies and through a series of timed 1v1 battles to see how long they can survive.

Street Fighter X Tekken Gauntlet

In this game you have to defeat an endless string of opponents in a one-on-one timed battle while satisfying various challenge conditions to keep the timer replenished.

To get more timer in this game you have to clear certain challenges during the fight to add precious seconds to your timer.
You have to use more combos to get your character’s vitality reduced to zero so that you become the winner and earn scores to collect.

At the end of every battle you will get a score based on how many enemies you defeated and certain actions you performed.
So try to have a good fight for aiming at the highest score among others

You have to try so hard as you will be given a 30 second survival mode when challenging players to take out as many opponents as possible while completing goals to replenish their vitality.

In this only 30 seconds of time, each match will provide the player with a random challenge including performing two Ex special moves and upon completion so that it will give the user for a reward with more time.

Note that the character will do more damage than normal in order to compensate for the minimal time given.
You can also compare your scores to other players after beating your opponents at the end of the game.

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