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When playing strike wing raptor rising crescent moon game, you fly around in space shooting enemies both big and small, while unlocking new ships like the Hyena, MK2, Wolf, Armadillo and Albatross and having some missions that will help you conquer the universe with your ships.

strike wing raptor rising tips

Here, you must also complete every mission and collect rewards including money credits cash
It whereabouts five missions in total, each one packed with enemies that attack you in waves.
Every mission in this game features certain objectives that must be achieved to unlock the other ones.

Throughout the game, you will go through some missions including Screaming Eagles, Resource Hog, Rogue Squadron, Operation Twin Lance and Operation Lifeblood.

Once completing every mission to another, you will be rewarded with credits that you can use to buy new ships and to repair them after going through the tough combat in the air

There will be nine ships offered in this game, and they are categorized into four categories namely shield, hull, weapons and handling.

The ships with better shielding and hull they can last in a firefight any longer.
Beside that factor, increased weapons power will deliver a big advantage in bringing down enemies with laser blasts and missiles

Meanwhile, the best all-around ship is the I7 Armadillo with the highest stats of all the ships that are available on this game.

The I25 Wolf and F17 Albatross will provide you fairly well-balanced stats.
The F17 Albatross and F25 Cormoran are equipped with fully maximized Shield and Hull, and lesser Weapons and Handling will support them as well.
So use them especially for convoy missions throughout the game.

If you firstly play this game, The II5 Hyena MK2, F37 Sparrow, II5 Hyena and F28 Hawk are the best ships for you in that they have the best handling ever.

On the other side, if you want the most firepower, you can use the Hyena and Hyena MK2 that have the highest rankings among other ones.

Early on the game, you will be tested to accomplish the Screaming Eagles mission
In order to beat the Screaming Eagles mission, you will need to take on a number of ships that come at you, typically two or three at a time.

Limited reinforcements are on their way at that time in which amount of enemies will be coming at you while you will try to stay alive at all costs.
In this mission, you will fly with the F28 Hawk that will get you on the air combating incoming enemies.

Once conquering the Screaming Eagles mission, now you will have to struggle to accomplish the Resource Hog mission

In line with this, you are chasing after a piece of cargo, and it will introduce you to your first big target ship – down the escorts first before destroying that mighty vessel.
However, you must have the F25 Cormoran ship firstly in order to complete this mission successfully.

Furthermore, when playing the Rogue Squadron mission, you will need the F37 Sparrow ship in which the action will set in an asteroid belt that will make you fly carefully.

In Operation Twin Lance convoy mission, you will fly around in a mission that is populated with a lot more enemies and a much tougher ship.

Moreover, it is also surrounded by asteroids that only the I25 Wolf will be the best chosen ship to handle this mission.

After completing the missions above, you will unlock Operation Lifeblood that is a general protection mission, where your own cargo ship is under attack, and you will need the F35 Eagle to help you in completing this mission.
Note that you must keep this ship from being destroyed by a number of enemy waves during in the air.

Wingmen is activated to serve you a secondary defense purpose, and they consist of two general commands.
Just activate your wingmen using the button in the upper-left corner of the screen.

At this point, you can either call upon wingmen to defend you when you are attacking enemies, or you can send them after particular enemies like larger ones being on the stage.

Using these wingmen will indeed help you in this game as they only have so much shielding and energy along the game.

Moreover, you will do receive a temporary power-up that will provide you a few extra seconds of increased firepower, so that try keeping them alive during in the missions.

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